Here we explain the rules of use of Penedès Coworking. They are not static and may change in the future.

Access and Security

  1. Access to Penedès Coworking: Penedès Coworking users have access from Monday to Friday during the established hours (from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the possibility of extension in the future). We have conference rooms and private offices according to availability and prior reservation if they are in high demand. We also provide administrative support services if requested (subject to availability). The use of these services will be subject to the payment of additional fees.
  2. Signaling: It is forbidden to place any signs on the door of your office or anywhere that is visible from outside the offices, without authorization.
  3. Care of the assets of Penedès Coworking: You must take proper care of all the items, as well as the equipment, facilities and accessories thereof, that you use. No element of Penedès Coworking will be modified without prior authorization.
  4. Keys and cards: The keys or access cards that we allow you to use will be our property at all times. No
    may make copies of these keys and/or access cards or allow their use by third parties without our consent.
  5. security: For security reasons, you will not leave the centre's doors and windows, exit and/or emergency doors open during opening hours or outside said hours. You may only use the communal areas with our consent and these areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  6. No computer equipment (other than personal computers and related peripherals) or other large machinery, playback equipment, heating equipment, stoves, radios, vending machines or other machines of any kind are permitted to be stored or used in the centre. order, refrigerators, coffee makers, etc... that are not owned by the center.
  7. You will not be able to carry out any mechanical activity in the Center or cook outside the office space.
  8. Explosives or other items considered dangerous will not be brought into Penedès Coworking.
  9. The use of gases, odors or liquids that are unpleasant is prohibited.
  10. The electric current will only be used for the normal lighting of the rooms and for the power supply of personal computers and
    other small size devices.
  11. The entry of animals into the center is prohibited, with the exception of pets.
  12. You will not occupy or use any part of Penedès Coworking for the manufacture, sale, offer or consumption of alcohol, narcotics or tobacco of any kind.
  13. You will not place any additional locks or bolts on doors or windows.
  14. All property owned by you or any of your employees, representatives or guests shall be the sole responsibility of the owner
    without us assuming any responsibility in the event of damage to these goods or in the event of theft or
    misappropriation thereof.


    1. To smoke: Smoking (nicotine, electronic devices, vaping, etc.) is prohibited in all public areas, including the meeting and training rooms, the external areas of the facility, access stairs and back areas.
    2. Our building address may be used as a registered business address only as long as there is an active service agreement signed by us.
    3. Provision of funds/deposit: For the clients of the center it will be a monthly income that will be maintained and updated
      correspondingly during the term of the contract.
    4. Back access to the center: Access and use of the emergency exit in the center is prohibited. This emergency exit will be used
      exclusively for its purpose, loading/unloading of goods and cases of force majeure.
    5. Car park: It is forbidden to park at the rear access to the center on the first floor. Except for the use of uploading and downloading of
      goods and cases of force majeure.
    6. The use of the refrigerator is for daily use. They will be removed and cleaned daily at the end of each working day.
    7. Our Internet and telecommunications:
      Our Internet service provides you with an Internet connection for normal business activity, such as web browsing, as well as
      the ability to send and receive electronic communications and access business applications, among others.
      We do not monitor the content of information transmitted through our telecommunications lines or equipment and do not
      we accept no responsibility for the content of any transmissions you make.
      Our Internet service may only be used for legal purposes and shall not be linked to any criminal or civil violation of the
      state, federal or international laws, regulations and other governmental requirements.
      Customer is responsible for maintaining basic security and virus protection on its systems to prevent others from using them
      in a way that violates the service contract.
      Our Internet services will only be available at our locations and connection to our network will only be permitted at those locations. It is prohibited to create any link between our network and any other network or telecommunications service without our consent.